Grifting Hypocrisy: Will The Real Sir Keir Starmer Please Stand Up?

It’s interesting how Sir Keir Starmer couldn’t wait to make a sanctimonious statement today, acknowledging the debt the UK owes to the Windrush community and condemning the continued miscarriage of justice in the way they’ve been treated, and in terms of slow compensation for many of them and their families. Sir Keir’s commitment to appointing a Windrush Commissioner is welcome, as he stated:

“…appointing a Windrush commissioner, who will be a voice for affected families and communities, monitor the operation and delivery of the compensation scheme, and oversee a major change programme in the Home Office”

But let’s not forget that this is the same leader of the opposition that “mistreated” and dragged his feet in reinstating one of the longest serving members of the Labour Party, daughter of the Windrush generation and first female black MP Diane Abbot, who personifies the exact values he refers to in his statement today, irrespective of her politics:

“The Windrush generation embodies the best of Britain: determination, spirit, public service and graft…But instead of being thanked, they’ve been badly mistreated. A Labour government will offer a fundamental reset moment for the Windrush generation, with respect and dignity at its very core.”

Despite Abbot’s far left leanings being diametrically opposed to Starmer’s “Change” Labour Party, the debacle of the reinstatement of the whip to her and right to stand as an MP for the Labour Party was no way to treat a black British female icon and role model with one of the largest constituency majorities in the country.

Starmer’s heart may or may not be in the right place but his cold, glaring lack of authenticity and grifting hypocrisy is clear to see when it comes to inclusion, diversity, race relations and arguably everything else. As we draw closer to the election, it’s time for the Labour leader to show his true hand and stop flip-flopping.

Will the real Sir Keir Starmer please stand up?!



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