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Unconscious bias is a tricky and touchy subject. The vast majority of organizations have an impressive array of interventions designed to tackle bias in the workplace.

Yet, as well-meaning as these interventions are, they run the risk of falling at the first hurdle if not implemented correctly. 

M.O.S.T is a blueprint for implementing effective, measurable unconscious bias trainings and initiatives.

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I Don't Understand

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Bias happens everywhere. In the corporate world it is very often unconscious: the perpetrator does not really understand what he or she is doing and the effect of that behaviour.

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Management Open to Developmental Enquiry

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Equipping staff with skills to navigate the inevitability of workplace bias enables them to remove the potential for bias being an obstacle to their career development and well-being at work. Equipping managers with these skills from a leadership perspective is essential to maintaining a fair, harmonious, and productive working environment in which there is equal opportunity for all team members to develop prosperous careers.


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Are you having trouble navigating unconscious bias in your organization?

Do you have the right Mindset, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics to negate career-stifling bias and navigate your way to your target career destination?

Regardless of your position, status or seniority, our expert coaching can help you achieve your desired goals and equip you and/or your colleagues with the skills to navigate the inevitability of bias in the process.

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X Factor

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Exponential Growth for Diverse Teams

The objective of this program is to maximize the potential of teams and multiply their results exponentially regardless of actual, sensed or perceived obstacles. The customizable program is designed to provide diverse teams with a mindset conducive to quantum shifts in performance.

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Navigating Bias in Recruitment

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The objective of this interactive, high-energy workshop is to increase awareness of how unconscious bias is a contributing factor in our decision-making when we hire staff. 

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