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The Humanist Podcast

Welcome Buki Mosaku “The Humanist Podcast,” a nexus where modern workplace dynamics and empathetic, people-first dialogues converge. Host Ken Stearns, a veteran executive, guides us through the nuances of being authentically seen and heard at work. Each episode offers rich dialogues with leaders who champion the holistic ‘whole person’ approach, blending mental well-being, and hybrid work balance into corporate ethos.

Leadership Beyond Borders: Unveiling new ways to address Unconscious Bias

In this episode, we explore the fascinating world of unconscious bias. We dive deep into the unconscious biases that affect our thoughts, decisions, and actions without realizing it. We shed light on this often-overlooked phenomenon and discuss its impact on our personal and professional lives. We explore new strategies that help us recognize and address unconscious bias, ensuring a fair and inclusive environment. We challenge our assumptions and expand our perspectives with an expert in this field.

Crafting Solutions to Conflict: Buki Mosaku on navigating unconscious bias

Inside Personal Growth: I Don’t Understand with Buki Mosaku

Your Working Life with Caroline Dowd-Higgins: Navigating Unconscious Bias at Work with Buki Mosaku

Buki Mosaku shows us how to navigate career-stifling unconscious bias to remove tension and build trust.

The Corporate Bartender – I Don’t Understand: Navigating Unconscious Bias with Buki Mosaku 

DEI is one of the most prominent HR themes here in 2023. Organizations are wrestling with how to balance DEI initiatives with tactical day to day operations. There are voices in this conversation that need to be elevated, and boy do we have one of those voices here with us TODAY! We are so grateful, and just flat-out honored to have Buki Mosaku on the program! If you don’t know Buki, no worries, today’s your lucky day!


Becoming Bridge Builders – Keith Haney, Navigating Unconscious Bias in the work place with Buki Mosaku

Get ready for an insightful conversation with our esteemed guest, Buki Mosaku, the founder and CEO of a London-based diversity city think tank. This episode is a deep dive into navigating the often-overlooked topic of unconscious bias in the workplace. Buki shares his personal experiences and breakthroughs in understanding the multidirectional nature of bias, transforming the ‘guilty perpetrator, hapless victim’ model into a tool for real-time bias navigation.

Southside Broadcasting – the Midweek Drive LIVE 

Buki Mosaku covers unconscious bias in the latest Midweek Drive LIVE. Buki’s segment begins at 25:50 and finishes at 50:24.

BBC Radio’s Ngunan Adamu speaks with Buki Mosaku, Author of I Don’t Understand Navigating Unconscious Bias in the Workplace! – BBC Radio’s Ngunan Adamu speaks with Buki Mosaku

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The Dave Pamah Show – Calling Out Unconscious Bias in the Workplace with Buki Mosaku


Enterprise Podcast Network interviewed Buki Mosaku in the episode “Calling Out Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

BBC Radio’s Manny Masih  speaks with Buki Mosaku, Author of I Don’t Understand Navigating Unconscious Bias in the Workplace! – BBC’s Manny Masih talks to Buki Mosaku

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The Business Creators Radio Show with Adam Hommey – Calling Out Unconscious Bias in the Workplace, With Buki Mosaku

Unconscious bias in the workplace must be addressed in the moment. Left unheeded, the detrimental compounding effects not only damage the victim, but perpetuate the problem for others and drastically reduce team productivity and effectiveness. When staff members have the right skills to navigate inevitable workplace bias, it removes tension, builds trust and cohesion, and drives high-performing winning teams.

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Get down to Business – Buki Mosaku with Scott “Shalom” Klein 

Buki Mosaku joined Scott “Shalom” Klein on his weekly radio show, Get Down To Business.

The People Impact Podcast – What is going on? Unveiling Workplace Bias, with guest Buki Mosaku

How can we look at unconscious bias in the workplace from a different perspective, so that we can address it more effectively?

The Inclusive Growth Show Podcast – How to Navigate Unconscious Bias in the Workplace 

This episode of the Inclusive Growth Show features Buki Mosaku, author, diversity and inclusion consultancy founder, thought leader and global expert in bias navigation for workplaces.

Interview with Better Insurance Network on misconceptions about workplace bias and how to overcome them

LBC Nick Ferrari Interview

Bias Navigation Lessons with Buki Mosaku and Miranda Rae

The Birth of IDU?

Simply Say I don’t Understand

Calling Out Unconscious Bias as an Interpersonal skill

“If there was ever a time we needed this book, it is now. Highly recommended.”

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